Robotics Competition

The new Central Library in Helsinki will open in 2018. The library will serve it’s customers in many modern and new ways. One of our ambitions is to have robots to help library workers with our various tasks and our customers to explore and find right in the new world of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment.

Some of the key problems have been located while planning The new Central Library. We naturally would like to solve the problems but we also welcome the new ideas to make the new Central Library a great service center for all. This is where the inventors, innovators and start-ups come in. Our ideas and needs were reverse pitched at AiroBot 2016 at Airo Island, Helsinki, April 13-14.2016. Here is all the material which was shown at the event plus some more. There is a budget of max 500.000€ for the purchase of robots.

Questions can be addressed to Nicholas Andersson Questions and answers will be published on this website. 

The steps for the competition

  1. Application time.
    The submitting of ideas is open now and will end on the first of september 2016. The ideas can be sent to Nicholas Andersson at Airo Island to the address The ideas will not be sent forward to third parties without the consent of the supplier of the idea. Also any IP related to the idea will stay with the sender.
  2. Selection of ideas.
    The ideas that are submitted will be sorted and reviewed. The reviewing will be done in co-operation with Airo Island and the Library of Helsinki.
  3. Selecting the winning submissions
    Of the submitted ideas the winning ones are chosen.
  4. Negotiations of purchase with the winning ideas
    The negotiations of purchase will continue with the suppliers of the winning ideas. We will not make open negotiations of the winning ideas.
    If there is several ideas that solve the same problem, we will choose the most suitable of them.

What to include in the idea submissions:

    • A description of the idea
    • Which problem the idea solves
    • Which category or categories the idea fits into
    • The description should be as detailed as possible and from the description should also be seen if the idea is possible to deliver to the Library by the end of 2018. A text description is sufficient, but any pictures are welcome.
    • The description should be formed so that anyone can understand the content.
    • How ready the idea is. If you have a ready product or solution, please let us know. If the solution should be specifically developed for the library you should let us know of that too.
    • A rough estimation of the price for the solution
    • The most ready ideas will most probably be chosen