Steering group and the extended steering group

The Central Library project is led by Deputy Mayor Ritva Viljanen. She is the Chairperson of the steering group appointed by Mayor Jussi Pajunen on 16 October 2013.  The Library Director Tuula Haavisto was appointed Vice Chairperson, and Finance Director Tapio Korhonen, City of Helsinki Economics and Planning Centre, Head of Department Jaakko Stauffer, City of Helsinki Real Estate Department, and Project Manager Irmeli Grundström, City of Helsinki Real Estate Department, were appointed members. In addition, Director General Riitta Kaivosoja was invited to the steering group with Construction Counsellor Liisa Munsterhjelm as her alternate, both from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Architect Päivi Etelämäki, Real Estate Department, and Project Planner Pirjo Lipasti, City Library, act as the secretaries of the steering group.

Working in parallel with the steering group is the so-called extended steering group. In addition to the people already mentioned, its members include Professor Gunilla Widen, Åbo Akademi, Director of Library Services Inkeri Näätsaari, Turku City Library, and Architect Vesa Oiva, AOA Oy.

The group’s task is to monitor and control the planning of the construction project, and ensure in particular that the building is implemented in a way that is cost-efficient and feasible within the schedule set for it.

The work of the steering group will end when the City Council has approved the project plan and the construction work begins, or on 31 December 2019 at the latest.

Project group

The project group coordinates the project and moves it forward on a concrete level. It has a central role in the practical planning and implementation of the construction project. Its members include an extensive group of high-level professionals from different areas of construction, and representatives of the library and the Ministry of Education.  The Chairperson is Project Manager Irmeli Grundström, Real Estate Department.

Library development groups

The goal of the library development groups in the autumn of 2013 was to define the areas in the Central Library’s operations that have an effect on the further planning of construction.  The groups have themes related to the following sections of the project: lobby and the open public areas, logistics, guidance and the work of the staff, learning and work environments, families and children, events, and the digital aspects of the library space. The groups submitted their final reports in January 2014. In the future, they will be ready to answer questions that arise during the project planning and to outline services, content and activities in their own areas of expertise.

Other planning groups

The project is also being prepared in other groups, such as the communications group, the ICT idea group and the wood material development group.  New groups will be established as needed as the project progresses.

All planning groups work in cooperation with the library’s user groups.