The new millennium requires a new library – the Central Library. The Central Library offers a public space open to all in the heart of the city. It will raise the profile of Helsinki and form the display window of this creative city.

It will be easy to come to the Central Library, as a beloved house of education, to concentrate, learn and work. It will be made into the city residents’ own house where culture can be created individually or with others. This digitally intelligent library will provide the city residents with information to support their decision-making in everyday life. Learning, competence sharing and opening of contents are supported by means of different technologies.

The Central Library will complement the Töölönlahti culture cluster with a house of literary art, where literature finds new forms. A place of civic participation will rise opposite the Parliament House that will bring together those interested in city culture and civic participation.

Speakers: Minna Koskinen, Harri Annala and Mikko Ampuja
Filming: Panu Somerma and Mikko Helander
Editing: Panu Somerma
Pictures: The Central Library, Media Bank
Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
Editor and producer: Riitta Taarasti
Production: Kirjastokaista – Kirjastot.fi, 2016

Welcome inside the Central Library!

Watch the video as it takes you inside the Central Library. You’ll see a new type of library designed by ALA Architects. The layout is divided into 3 parts:

– 1st floor is the central service station for those on the go
– 2nd floor is the forge where skills and ideas come to life
– 3rd floor is the calm oasis for thought and contemplation Read more »